Extremely Odd, Completely Irrational:
(de)forming shapes and structures

   Studies of order, consciousness and formation of things

Practicing cross stitch as a means of exploring and understanding the formation of things, I construct shapes using small units of stitches deliberately distributed without order while consciously follow the cross stitch rule that every stitch at the back only goes vertically. This led me to research how our behaviour is highly influenced by the order imposed by modern society, and how our perception is unconsciously affected. We are trained to see in certain way that somehow restrict and objectify our seeing, but meanwhile fortifying the normal functioning of our modern society as Arnheim argues that order is a necessary condition for anything the human mind is to understand.

By further manipulating our perception between absence and presence, the shape unfolds itself differently before the eyes of spectators, either forming or disappearing. This reveals the unstable nature of vision and the unreliability of our perceived reality.


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