modern disillusion

Tracing back to her obsession with post war art, Christina links its historical background with the curren modern society we are living in. The new generation facin challenges in modern society creates the feeling of disillusionment and anxiety about life, existing value-system, technology and socia structure. Clothing functions as an intimate amour that insulates us from this dystopian world, it was used as a medium to delve int the contradictions between the revealing and concealing of one' authentic self. "Pocket" is the particular structure being explored and reinterpreted in this project. Rooted in research surrounding hand movements as expressions of anxiety, such as the act of frequentl putting your hands in your pockets as a sign of insecurity, Christin further explored how womenswear often has less practical pockets compared to menswear. The designer questions if this deprivatio reveals the phenomenon of females being more exposed and vulnerable in society, which relates to the scientific fact that wome have a greater tendency to have anxiety Her experimentation with using drawstringto create an expandable pocket structure an the fabric manipulation of contrasting transparency are meant to
provide flexibility to the wearer. The autonomy of showing an hiding further elicit discussions around the topic of concealment.


currently open to projects / collaborations / commissions

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