Project Drift:
CMF proposal

CMF Project x PriestemanGoode
Exploring material and human perception of value

Project Drift, with the meaning of carried slowly by water, embodying the concept of transforming single use plastic from disposable products to new materials that communicate the value of the ephemeral through the slow process of hand craft. Inspired by the softness and strength of water, I want to challenge the idea of thinking the fragility of plastic wrapping as something degrading its value, and to reject this stereotype by deconstructing and reconstructing polyethylene  wrapping into interior materials with delicate aesthetics. The organic texture in contrast with the regular and repetitive flow of sea further inspired my exploration of irregularity in modular design. Playing between fragility and protection, mass production and handcraft, this project epitomizes the modern time, an inevitable coexistence between the manmade and nature, destruction and opportunity in this Anthropocene.


currently open to projects / collaborations / commissions

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